Free Content Review

Not sure if your website content is as good as it could be? WordHound can help.

Why Do You Need A Content Review?

What Will Your Content Review Do For You?

Great content is crucial for business websites – literally everyone in the world understands that. It’s essential for several reasons, not least of which is making sure your site grabs a visitor’s attention before they wander off. It’s also important for placating the Google bots, so your site stays as high as possible in the search engine rankings.

But not everybody knows exactly what constitutes great site content. If you’re not sure if yours is quite as brilliant as it could be, we’ll be happy to check it for you.

So how does the WordHound Content Review work? It’s as easy as pie – easier, perhaps. Pie can be hard. All you have to do is fill in a form with some info about your site. You can book in with Calendly for the results & follow-up. Meanwhile, we’ll review your site’s written content, and make some recommendations if we spot anything that could be improved. If not – well done! We’ll just tell you you’re great.

Claim Your Free Content Review

Here’s where to start. Add your info and a link to the home page of the site you’d like us to review. Add any more info you think is relevant in the Message box – for example, your own concerns about your content, or whether there are specific pages you want to be reviewed. Then – hit Submit!