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Imagine publishing regular, professionally-written articles that speak directly to your ideal client. With a bespoke content plan from WordHound, your blog will become one of your most valuable sales tools, helping your target market understand exactly how you can help them.

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    Content Writing Packages

    Your WordHound content manager will use interviews and industry research to create a content plan for your business. This will focus upcoming articles on what your potential customers want and need to know, while retaining your preferred tone of voice and incorporating the knowledge and experience you have of your industry. We’ll write, proof and deliver your articles to your schedule, ready for you to share with your site visitors.

    Got a Specific Requirement Or Need Just One Article?

    No problem. We’ll create a package that fits.

    Blogs & Website Content for SMEs

    Unique, engaging, relevant and well-researched blogs. Clear, well-written and jargon-free site content. That’s what we do at WordHound, and we do it for all sorts of businesses, large and small, in all sorts of sectors, from tourism to teaching and jewellery to pneumatics.

    Why Do I Need Fresh Site Content?

    Business website visitors are quick to judge – and Google is even quicker. Your site needs to be packed full of arresting stuff that’ll keep people interested, and ideally will lead them down the path towards buying things. But it also needs to be unique and regularly updated, to keep the search engines happy. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to create content like this, we do!

    How Does It Work?

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    1. Choose Your Package

    Choose a package and send us your ideas, or let us help you with topics. We’re more than happy to whip up a big batch of blog titles.

    2. We Assign A Writer

    We assign the best writer or writers for your project. Many of our writers have been with us for years, so we know their strengths.
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    3. We Proofread Your Content

    Our team proofread your content to ensure spelling and grammar is perfect. We also ensure your content is 100% unique.
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    4. We Deliver Your Content

    We’ll deliver your content to you. You can give us feedback or make changes before we mark it as complete.

    Why Choose WordHound?


    Proven Results

    WordHound’s white label content delivers great results. How does a 6900% traffic increase in two years sound? Take a look at some case studies and example articles here.Case Study: 6900% Traffic Increase »

    Dozens of Talented Writers

    We only use excellent writers. Why? Because we want to be proud of the content we send you. And because poorly-written web content is a huge personal affront to us.Find Out More About Our Writers »

    Our Customers Love Us

    Reviews, you say? Yes, of course. While we’re naturally self-effacing and modest, they’re right here, they’re superb, and it’d be a crime to keep them to ourselves. Explore why our customers love us.Read Our Latest Reviews »


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    The Role of AI in Sustainable Manufacturing

    Rowse have been with us since the start, way back in 2019. Topics range from 3D printing to robotics, via pneumatic grippers (and that was just August 2023). Here’s a topical one about AI and sustainability.Read »

    Castle Hill Emerges as One of Sydney's Most Desirable Neighbourhoods

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    Find out how we can work together to grow your business and your customers’ businesses.

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