Offer written content to your web design clients with WordHound White Label

What if content wasn’t a bottleneck?

Stop waiting for clients to send you their content. Start including copy in your quotes and build more impactful websites.

Choose WordHound as your content partner and you’ll have an experienced writing team in your corner. We’ll interview your clients to capture their tone of voice and create a content plan for monthly articles that’ll bring you an extra income stream.


Increase In Traffic


Increase In Conversion Rate

Check out our case study to find out how we’ve worked with Gromfrog to grow their client’s business.

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What’s Included?

  • White label copy that fits your designs
  • Monthly article writing service for your clients
  • Branded brief for clients to fill in
    (you don’t need to collect any extra data)
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Topic research
  • Title selection
  • Branded content plan to share with clients

The Benefits

No more waiting for copy

The web designers we work with tell us that waiting for their customers to send them copy caused the longest project delays.

Projects are finished faster, so you get paid sooner.

Our clients tell us their web design projects are now completed up to 6 months faster

Earn recurring revenue for uploading monthly blog posts

Add our writing service to your maintenance contracts and earn by uploading.


Sales Guide

Our white label content sales guide to make upselling the content packages easy.

Offer Development

1-hour Offer Development Session to make your offer un-say-no-able.

Content Manager

Angela becomes your content manager, and can join you on important sales calls.

Marketing Plan

A personalised marketing plan to help get your offer seen.

Free Website Copy

Landing page copy laying out your offer on your website.

Email Template

Email sales template to send out to past web design customers.

The More Clients You Sign Up, The Better It Gets

With Two Clients On A Monthly Package

We’ll write you a blog post explaining your offer, in your tone of voice, free of charge.

With Five Clients On A Monthly Package

We’ll write you a blog post, once a month, free of charge.

With Ten Clients On A Monthly Package

We’ll write two articles per month for your website, free of charge.

With More Than Ten Clients On A Monthly Package

We’ll add 2000 words of credit to your account every month to use however you like.

White Label Content Writing

What Some Of Our Favourite People Say

WordHound White Label - 7 Reasons Why

1. It Costs You Nothing

Did we mention that WordHound White Label is 100% free for web designers? You can have a professional writing department tomorrow and it needn’t cost you a bean. Simply pass the cost of each article on to your client (and yes, you can mark it up if you want to). Using WordHound for white label content is a way for web designers to add an income stream to their business.

2. Outsourced Content Writing For All Sectors

Some of our regulars include IT Managed Service providers, Technical Distributors, Financial Advisors, Tax Specialists, Fire Safety experts, and Electric Vehicle retailers. We have yet to find a sector or topic that we can’t create great content for.

3. Research Included

You won’t have to think about what your clients’ content needs to cover. We’ll do that, based on the info we get at the outset – and all clients receive a free content plan, laying out the next few months’ titles and schedule. WordHound White Label includes blog titles and the all-important keywords that’ll help to make your clients’ content relevant and easy to find.

4. We Help You Build Your Offer

We’ll give you all the info you need to show your clients that professionally written content will provide them with real, measurable benefits. We’re able to do this partly because we only take on a maximum of two new white label clients a month.

5. And We Plant Trees

WordHound don’t just want to save the world from bad copy, we’ve also set our sights on climate change. We donate to Ecologi for every client; watch the forest grow here.

6. Hire A Content Manager - Without The Salary

If you need any help explaining/selling your new content service to your clients, Angela can join you on important sales calls.

7. Outsource Your Blog Writing

So – how’s your own blog looking? If you’re busy, or just not wildly keen on writing, it may not have been updated for a while.   When you sign up two clients to our 4x500w a month blog package, we’ll write you a monthly 500w blog for free. Zero pence! And yes, it’ll be excellent.