WordHound Children's Writing Competition

Time left to enter this month's writing challenge:
This Month's challenge has now closed. Thank you for all your entries. Check back next month for the details of the next challenge and last month's winner.

Here's this month's WordHound Creative Writing for Kids Competition:

Children's writing competition - Scary house

In the UK, the nights are drawing in. October is a month for spooky stories, so this month’s prize will go to the author who creeps us out the most! 

You spend a night in an old house. Was it a dare? Are you looking for something? Is anyone brave enough to go with you? What’s the house like? Is it really haunted?! Eek!

Set the scene and tell us your story, in up to 300 words.

Well done – you've found it! The WordHound Children's Writing Competition!

Every month, we’ll be offering prompts and suggestions for creative writing for kids. We’re looking for under 300 words of funny, weird or otherwise unique writing, based on the suggestion. There’s no minimum number of words, although four would be considered a bit light.

There will be a prize on offer each month, but winners (and probably all participants, unless we get 9 million entries) will certainly get some kind of encouragement and recognition. We’d like to publish winning entries on our blog page, so let us know if you’re happy for that to happen. You can change your mind later if you want to.

We hope you find the suggestions inspiring – we’ve had some superb entries. Most of all, have fun!

Who is this competition for?

We created these writing prompts with younger children in mind, but it’s open to kids aged 12 years and under. We’d love to have entries from anywhere in the world, but prizes will be posted from the UK, so they might take a while to reach Outer Mongolia, for example.

How are winners chosen?

We’ll read them all and pick our favourite; it’s as simple as that. If we’re struggling to choose, we might run a poll on our Facebook page, so follow that for updates.

Where will you announce the competition winners?

We’ll respond to your entry to tell you personally, then announce on our Facebook page and post to our blog.

My kid LOVES being made a fuss of – what else have you got?

Oh good! Well, how about recording them reading their story and acting it out? Then we might post it on our YouTube channel.

Why are you running a writing competition?

The WCWC (ha ha) was born in May 2020, as Britain struggled to keep the nation’s children entertained during lockdown. For some reason, we at WordHound weren’t quite as busy as we were used to being, and we were slightly desperate for something to read. By July, things were starting to happen again, so we changed it from a weekly to a monthly competition.

If you know of any kids who’ve just about had it up to here with being stuck indoors, why not see if a bit of creative writing will cheer them up?

How do I enter the competition?

Either email a photo of your child’s entry to competitions@wordhound.co.uk or send it via Facebook Messenger if you prefer. We’re not fussy. Entries can be up to 300 words, and please do include your child’s name and age. We’d like to be able to post prizes to the winner and share some of our favourites on our social channels. If you’re happy for us to do that, please let us know and include your postal address with the entry.

Can I see the previous challenges?

Why yes, of course. Just scroll down.

Still got questions? Or just fancy a chat?