Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you Need to Know, and Some Things you Don't

Wait, what is it you do again?

We get this one a lot. Usually from family members over Christmas dinner.We help people with words – content writing is our most popular service. WordHound has a pool of writers who can write anything. Blogs, product descriptions, white papers, website content, slides for presentations, adverts, speeches, letters. You get the idea. Very nearly anything.Sometimes these words need to be in different languages. We can do that too. That’s our translation service.Some things just need to be visual. Our designers can help by creating logos, infographics, business cards, or prettying-up (technical term) just about anything else.

How often should I be publishing a blog?

The more often you publish content, the better! Your budget is obviously a factor here; many of our clients publish a 500 word blog once or twice a week, while some choose once a month. Take a look at our blog for some ideas.

Where do you get your writers, and how do you choose them?

We grow them in an underground bunker, using spores harvested from the graves of Britain’s most illustrious wordsmiths. Not really! When a writer applies to us, we’ll ask for several examples of relevant work. We’ll also find out what they’re good at writing, what they won’t or can’t write about, and the kind of writing of which they have the most experience. If everyone’s happy, we’ll test them out with a few non-urgent pieces before unleashing them on the customer.

How will I know my content is unique?

All content is passed through Copyscape Premium to check it’s 100% unique. If (for example) a quote in the text gives (for example) a 4% Copyscape score, we’ll tell you.

Is there anything you won't write about?

Actually, yes, there is. We won’t do fake reviews. We won’t write anything if we think it’s academic cheating. We won’t write racist / sexist / homophobic / objectifying / hateful bullshit – not that we’ve ever been asked to.

What's the best Rush album?

It’s Permanent Waves (1980) of course. Moving Pictures (1981) is a close second, and anyone who disagrees is just plain wrong.

Can you supply specialist/niche/technical writers?

Our writers are chosen partly for their ability to understand a brief and to do the necessary research. If you need highly specialised content, we’ll always be happy to source a writer for you, though the cost will vary depending on what’s required.

Can you create a video script for me?

Oh yes. The rate for video scripts is worked out differently, and based on the number of words of voiceover per minute. So, while one minute of video with wall-to-wall voiceover would be around 170 words, it’ll cost more than 170 words of (for example) blog material, to cover the work involved in getting the timings right.

How long should my blogs be?

500 words is a good starting point. Under 300w isn’t usually enough to get into a topic, and over 1000w risks being a bit long-winded, but it depends on the subject.

Should I have links in my blogs?

Having a couple of links to authoritative sites – to show where your facts and figures are coming from – is not a bad idea, though some people prefer not to have external links as they may take visitors away from your site. Internal links to relevant parts of your site are almost always a good idea.

Can you help me with titles for my blogs?

Absolutely! If you’re not signed up to one of our monthly packages, we charge a little extra for coming up with titles. You’ll be able to approve them before we start writing, of course. The more pointers you give us at the beginning, the better.

How quickly can you produce 500 words for me?

Three days is fairly normal, two days is almost always doable, 24 hours is always worth enquiring about, though it may incur a quick-turnaround fee (not a big one!). If it’s under 24 hours, feel free to ask.

How is my content delivered?

Usually, we’ll send you a link to the finished document on our drive, even if you have requested that we upload the blog for you, because it’s nice to have a backup copy.

Will I get a discount if I order a lot of content?

Yes you will. Good, isn’t it?

I need some translations of my English content. Can you help?

Certainly. We have plenty of experience in translating English into…

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Finnish
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish

We can supply translators – and native-speaking proofreaders – in all these languages and more. Contact us for more information on timescales and costs.

I don't suppose you can mix the audio for my video... can you?

There are rumblings in the bowels of WordHound Towers – rumours of just such a service being offered in the not-too-distant future. Some speak of a long-dreamed-of ability to record voiceovers with a professional VO artist. Others prophesy a time when video editing itself will be on the menu. Stay tuned…

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