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White Label Content Writing Service

Offer the full package to your clients by adding an editorial team without the upfront costs.


Outsource your copywriting – and spend more time growing your business.

Imagine the scene. You walk into your new content writing department. It’s full of eager, fresh-faced writers, each hand-picked for their imagination and agreeableness, awaiting instructions from a dashingly handsome project manager wearing a “grammar enthusiast” t-shirt. Meanwhile, your account manager, who possibly looks a bit like a young Julia Roberts, sits with her notebook at the ready, waiting to hear today’s article requests.*

Imagine exactly that, but in a universe where you didn’t have to pay for the premises, you don’t have any of the staff on payroll, and you don’t have to pay for the overheads. Sounds like a good deal? We hope so, because that’s what you get when you use WordHound Ltd’s white label content writing service. It’s all virtual.

With this setup, you can order blogs as and when you need them. You can have them sent to you regularly without any hassle, while offering the same great service to your clients under your own brand label. Your clients come to you for your particular expertise, whether that’s marketing, web design, SEO or anything else, and they want to stay with you for the whole project. Now you can offer top notch content creation, adding another monthly income stream to your business and retaining your clients longer.

* If your project and account managers’ appearances don’t quite match the standards referred to above, that’s OK too, because you don’t have to look at them

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