2020, Brexit, Megxit, Boris & Blazes: The World’s on Fire, but We’re Not Giving Up

2020’s here

It’s 2020, and things are a wee bit grim. Humanity has started the year on the wrong foot, and it’s not like last year was an unmitigated barrel of laughs, is it? We’re not even through January yet, and we’ve already had bushfires and missiles, plane crashes and royal drama, Hollywood trials and Brexit deals… and Neil Peart died. When will it end? What if it doesn’t? 

In the meantime, we’re refusing to give up. At WordHound, we entered the new decade with a mission: to do what we can to try to make this grisly world a slightly better place. Or at least to try to avoid making it worse.

Here are some of the things we’re doing this year to celebrate good, spread a little happiness, protect the planet, and give ourselves a reason to get out of bed each morning, when everything outside the duvet is absolute whale’s bollocks.

1.  We’re writing for the Green Party

We know that everyone has different views and different beliefs, and that’s one of the things that makes life so exciting and diverse. And because of this, we try to stay pretty neutral here at WordHound Towers. But things like… creating a safer world, eradicating violence and abuse, respecting human rights, and promoting sustainability are things we can get behind. That’s why we’re writing content for our local Green Party Councillor Robbie Mack in Devon. The tide of public opinion seems like it’s turning; we’re realising we can’t just take the planet for granted, and a few more Green MPs can only be a good thing. 

2.  We’re supporting local businesses

Do we want to work with huge multinational corporations with unlimited budgets for content writing packages? Well, yes. Of course we do; we need more guitars and climbing equipment and dog treats. But we also know just how important it is to support local businesses, and that’s something we’ve been focusing on for a while. We intend to maintain this support throughout 2020, attending local networking gatherings and taking part in business events. And when we wanted to freshen up our website, we asked local web designer Andrew from Peak Online for his help. If you’re located in the South West, keep an eye out for Angela at your next networking event, and come and say hi!

4. We’re planting trees (well, sort of!)

OK, we’re not getting down on our hands and knees and sowing the seeds ourselves (we’re not particularly green-fingered here at WordHound, and in fact if Simon even thinks about a plant it dies of Black Wilt within 10 seconds) but we are supporting reforestation this year by using Ecosia; the search engine that plants trees. Our content writing is always created with Google in mind for top visibility, but when possible we search using Ecosia, who donate upwards of 80% of their profits to reforestation charities and nonprofits. We’re planning to sponsor tree planting with Trees for Life later in 2020, too.

5. We’re doing nice things for our clients

When you order website content writing packages with WordHound, you’re not only getting articles and blog posts. As many of our clients know, you’re also getting a good word put in for you, whenever we’re able to do so. If we can promote our clients and give something back for their loyalty, then why wouldn’t we? You might have seen us mention our client Rowse on our Facebook page, or you may have seen some links to our clients in our own blog posts, including our good friends Maas Media in this blog about great SEO tools.

Taking control in 2020

There’s all sorts of utter rubbish happening in the world over which we don’t have control. So this year, we’re going to take control of what we can, and try to make some kind of a difference. Our 2020 New Year’s Resolution is to ask: “What would Bill do?”. We want to be a Bill Gates (although without using Windows, please), not a Jeff Bezos. We want to use our resources (whatever they might look like) to do good things and support good people, not collect expensive* yachts… although, you know, if anyone’s offering we’re not going to say no. Maybe one each, if you’ve got a couple of spares? 

*We will consider mid-range yachts if it’s a deal-breaker

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