Example Brief For A Health Article

If you’d like your blog writer to create a perfect article, it’s a good idea to put a bit of time into giving them a great brief. Usually we’ll write the brief for you once we’ve understood what you’re looking for. To show the kind of information that’s most useful, we’ve created an example brief for a health magazine. It’s for a real article, available on Medium (here), for an imaginary magazine. The brief below is something that we would send to a writer; the kind of information in it is what we would like to know before we create the article. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the info to hand – just give us a starting point and we’ll ask questions.

Example Brief for a Health Article


30th September


A guide to surviving hay fever

Content Requirements:

Create an article for the client’s online magazine with tips on how to survive hay fever season. It should assume that readers will themselves be sufferers, so already have basic knowledge about what hay fever is and how it can affect them. The idea is not to patronise, but to empathise – and to collate information that they’ve probably heard themselves over the years.

This is not a sales piece, so there is no need to be 100% positive about each ‘remedy’, but try not to rule out any option, as the aim of the piece is to give options.


Please link to as many useful external sources (products, official health advice) as possible. Statements of fact should be backed up; discussions of remedies should be linked to. Try to use smaller suppliers rather than eBay or Amazon, so it’s more likely they will share the article.


A suitable header image would be useful, but there’s no need to include others.


Please use subheadings and lists to split up the text into manageable chunks.


Informative and empathetic, amusing where you can.





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