How to Choose the Right Writer for Your Website

Your staff are awesome, and that’s exactly why you’ve got them onboard. Because they’re amazing at what they do. But can they write about what they do? Well, that’s another story.

For example, being a product developer, and writing about product development, are very different things. This can make it tricky when you need someone to write about your products for your website.

So what’s the solution?

Outsourcing, obviously. But this opens up a whole new can of bananas.

Outsourcing your content

When you outsource your content, you don’t always know who’ll be writing for you. And how can you choose the right writer for your website if you don’t know them? I mean sure, these people can probably write pretty well, but can they write in the way that you want them to write?

Maybe your assigned writer won’t really understand what it is your business does (maybe they won’t even be interested); perhaps they’ll have a perspective that doesn’t really match yours; maybe they’ll be a member of the bizarre subset of humanity that (gasp!) doesn’t use the Oxford comma. What could be worse?

But here’s the important part: when outsourcing your content, you don’t have to choose the right writer for your website… we do! And while we don’t like to tootle our own trumpet too much, we are pretty damn good at it.

Our writers

We’ve known most of our writers for years and years, and we’ve worked with them on pretty much every topic you can think of, from catnip to carburettors to capital investments (seriously, nothing shocks us anymore… but feel free to give it a try!). We’ve paired our amazing writers with tiny one-person startups and massive global companies, and to be honest, we do feel like we may have missed our calling as matchmakers.

Sometimes, it feels like we know our writers better than they know themselves. We know that Bert can write a scintillating article about trading opportunities in Shanghai (even if he thinks he can’t); we know that Ernie understands more about web design than anyone we’ve ever spoken to; we’re fully aware that if Janice has to write one more blog post about Brexit, she’s going to build a makeshift rocket and go and live on Pluto. That sort of thing.

What we’re trying to say is that we take the time to get to know what you want, and make sure that we assign a writer that we’re absolutely sure has what it takes to deliver it. We know what our writers are capable of, we know what they love writing about, and, perhaps most importantly, we know what they don’t love writing about. And that’s exactly what qualifies us to choose the right writer for your website.

Don’t believe us? Give us a try!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for someone to explain the anatomy of a moth’s nostril*, or someone with an in-depth knowledge of Welsh reggae; someone that can write in your brand’s own unique style, or someone who’s not afraid to be a bit fucking controversial. Let us delve into our network, and we’ll find the right writer for you.

*Moths don’t have nostrils, of course. Well spotted!


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