I Don’t Have Time to Write a Blog!

So you don’t have the time to write a blog, eh?

Well, we’re going to let you in on a little secret… nobody does!

If you’ve been lying awake at night wondering how on earth your competitor has been posting killer content AND still has enough energy left to keep the business up and running, then here’s something that should help you to sleep easy: it’s possible they might have had a little helping hand.

Time… it’s not on anybody’s side

You could have all the financial resources in the world; you could have the strongest internal support system possible. Your content strategy could be the most well-thought-out thing in the history of thinking.

Who cares? Unless you have the time to write, then none of these things matter. And research shows that businesses really don’t have the time.

In fact, time is the biggest content creation challenge.

How long does it take to write a blog?

In Europe, the average time taken to write a blog post is between 1-2 hours, although 42% of businesses will take up to 4 hours per post. And here’s the real kicker: those numbers are based on a 500 word text.

‘What’s wrong with 500 words?’ we hear you cry.

Nothing. We’re extremely partial to a nice 500-worder ourselves. But a lot of businesses today are wanting more. We can’t ignore the fact that the highest ranked pages tend to include long-form content of 2000 to 2500 words.

Coincidence? We think not. So at 1 hour per 500 words, we’re looking at 4-5 hours for long-form content. Phew. It’s not surprising that you don’t have the time to write a blog!

But what’s the alternative?

If you think it’s simply a case of writing a blog or not writing a blog, then think again!

There are actually a few good ways that you can delegate content creation tasks to give you the best of both worlds.

You can engage with your audience through top-notch content, and still have time to develop your core business.

Option 1: The niche hire

Have you considered recruiting a dedicated writer whose entire purpose it is to write? Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

This can be a great option for businesses, but it’s not always the most practical of choices, especially when you take into account lengthy recruitment processes and the high costs of hiring.

Option 2: Leave it to us

A quicker, easier, and more cost-effective option is simply to leave it to us. Finding the time to write amazing blog posts, so that you don’t have to, is what we do.

Whether you want 1 post a month, or 10 posts a day, we’ll make it happen. A million words an hour, you say? Well, no, that would be mad. But we can do a lot.

Did you know that content creation is the most widely outsourced content marketing task? Yep, that’s right… everyone’s doing it. So don’t you think it’s about time you gave it a whirl?


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