Web Designers: Have You Got the Full Package?

Web designers are artists, and like all artists they take pride in the work they do. So it’s not surprising if there’s a touch of disappointment when a carefully crafted, lovingly created website fails to achieve its goals because it lacks the content it needs to make the design shine. It’s a situation that many web designers face; they can deliver the design, but that’s only part of the overall package.

There’s a tendency for designers to stick to what they know, and to focus exclusively on their core business, leaving it to the client to sort out their own content. It’s understandable – that’s where their expertise lies. But when we look for software solutions for example, we look for integration, and it’s the same when it comes to web design.

Clients don’t always want different providers for each aspect of their website. Many prefer a fully integrated service. Success in the web design industry lies in being able to deliver the full package.

But I’m not a writer…

We get it. After all, we’re not web designers. But we do offer word-perfect web content for web designers. While you’re experts at portraying your clients’ personalities and values through design, we’re experts at telling their story through words. You may not be writers, but we are, and we know that combining these two art forms plays a huge role in expanding services to meet evolving client needs.

With our white label content writing service, we can improve the business/client relationship by boosting overall satisfaction. When your client asks if you can create the content to go on their new website, you don’t need to explain awkwardly that that’s not what you do. Instead, it’s a simple case of saying ‘sure, I’ll get my writing team on it!’, and handing it over to us. We’ll discuss your client’s needs directly with them to save you time, or you can manage client communications yourself… your service, your way.

Some of the most important additional services web designers can offer their clients include:

  • White label product description writing
  • White label blog writing
  • White label web content
  • White label text for business websites
  • White label article creation
  • White label guest posts

We can create all of these for you, with your own branding.

Content creation as a service

At a time when integration is one of the most valuable aspects clients look for when choosing services, content creation as a service is undoubtedly one of the key drivers of ongoing growth and development within the web design sector. And believe it or not, it costs designers absolutely nothing.

Now’s your chance to offer the full package. Simply get in touch with the WordHound team to discuss content creation pricing, which you can incorporate into your client quotes. Then spend 5 minutes adding your new writing department to your website, and you’re good to go. Our words, your branding, your client’s story. It’s simple. 

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