Could you add WordHound’s White Label Copywriting Service to Your Business?

White label copywriting service

Let’s take a wander down Imaginary Scenario Street. Picture this: You’re a web designer, or a marketer, or an SEO expert, and you’re absolutely superb at what you do, of course. You’ve got a solid client base. They love your work and keep coming back, month after month. Great!

But what happens when one of your clients wants something new? Or much, much more of something similar? Can you deliver? Or does the very idea give you an attack of the vapours? That anxious throb you can feel – that’s the collywobbles, isn’t it?

Think about the last time you went out to do your ‘big shop’. Did you drive around to four different supermarkets to make sure you got the absolute best price on everything? Probably not. It’s more likely that you were happy to pay thruppence more for your spaghetti hoops, just for the convenience of getting everything at the same place. Everyone loves a bit of convenience, including clients. And that means that if your clients are starting to look for more, the first place they’re going to turn to is to you. Oh dear – it’s heebee-jeebee time!

Or is it?

If you find you can’t deliver, we can help. And your clients never need to know. It’ll be our special secret.

Match your brand

Think of WordHound as your on-demand, virtual team, handling your client’s professional content writing needs whenever and wherever, without having to interview, recruit, or even find a spare desk. We’re here exactly when you need us, for exactly what you need us for. Our white label content writing is designed to take some of the pressure off, providing you with top notch copy written by our incredible team of professional content writers. And best of all, it’s written to match your brand perfectly. Your brand + our words = happy clients. Huzzah!

Never have to say no

And there’s more. Even if you’re a content writer yourself (howdy, fellow wordsmith!), white label copywriting might not be as crazy an idea as you might think. Here’s another scenario. You get into your office one morning and you’re met with a lovely email from one of your top clients. They are super-happy with the articles you’ve just sent across… so happy, in fact, that not only do they want you to completely rewrite their website, but they’ve also told their clients about you. What? You don’t have time to take on that much more work. Now imagine having to explain that to your client. Awkward.

And that’s exactly what white label content is for. It’s for ensuring that you’re always able to meet your clients’ needs, even when you can’t handle it all on your own. It’s backup for those insanely busy periods, without the overheads of full-time staff. And it’s about having access to a ready-made, instantly available team of professional content writers who appear exactly when you need them, a bit like magical fairies with broadband. So to go right back to our initial question: could you add WordHound’s white label copywriting service to your business? The answer seems pretty clear. Yes. And really, why wouldn’t you?

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